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"As you can imagine, I was pretty happy, and a bit later on in the day I continued to see sales come to my business'And yeah I was pretty happy, it was awesome. The funny thing is the day before I just booked a holiday to Singapore with my wife and kid and that was pretty expensive, so to make two grand the next day in profits was pretty excellent."

- David Gilks, MOBE Licensee
(Perth, Australia)

"Matt and his team are doing an excellent job of closing sales at the back-end and the good news is that everybody is happy with their purchases and the content itself is helping people to move forward with their online marketing. So I highly recommend it. This is going to be a breakthrough year for me because of this program, because basically I am on track to make more than 100k this year. So I am pretty excited about it "

- Andrea Goodsaid, MOBE Licensee
(Gainesville, Florida)

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